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The Esszencia (Essence) is a special appereance in the Hungarian music scene, whose members are already individually well known and acknowledged artists showing outstanding performances in the world of folk, jazz and classical music.

The Esszencia is not comparable to any other bands playing traditional folk because their goal is not less than mixing the classical and jazz genre with our worldwidely unique motifs.
As a true rarity the group would like to share with their audience a new sound using this mixture of genres and creating a MUSIC OF JOY.

Throughout their concerts they play the authentic folk music of the whole Carpatian Basin complementing with parts of the compositions of Bach or Bela Bartok. As a final touch they spice it with the sounds of jazz.
These concerts has a particular, wonderful atmosphere. Their music makes you think, relax and feel free at the same time.

For their audience listening them is always a celebration.

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